Laser Dentistry Brookline, MA


If we asked most people which doctors’ visit they dreaded the most, “going to the dentist” would surely make the top ten, and of that the periodontist would likely be number 1 – with the endodontist running a close second. We understand- that most envision that going to the dentist means a painful experience with professionals who are insensitive to how much the average person doesn’t know about oral health. It is our mission here at the Laser Dentistry Office Boston area to change all this. We are highly invested in the newest pain-free dental technology and techniques and are therefore committed to keeping your mouth clean and healthy, which by the way, in turn keeps the rest of your body healthy. A visit to the dentist for a filling, or a periodontist, or an endodontist, used to mean cold and sharp metal tools, bleeding gums, the pain of the drill, and a shot of anesthetic. Thanks to technological developments in our field, some dentists have invested in technology that allows them to put their archaic tools on ice where they belong.

EnterLaser Dentistry:

Research has shown that laser dental surgery not only does the same work with little or no pain, but creates an environment that allows the healing of many oral issues much more quickly and effectively than traditional methods. Through the use of the laser the dentist can be more accurate at removing the diseased tooth or tissue, and because drills vibrate – and there is no vibration, there is no pain due to vibration. From a simple filling, to frenectomy, to a root canal, to periodontal surgery for the treatment of gum disease, a high powered water laser can do it all with better results, faster healing, no cutting, and as pain-free as humanly possible. Until you found us we’ll bet you thought the only solution to a root canal was via an endodontist drilling out the root, file cleaning it, and then filling it. Well, with the advent of the high powered water laser this can all be done without the use of the drill or the file and with a bacterial kill rate far higher than that of the drill/file method.

Laser Periodontal treatments:

Periodontal dental surgery addresses oral tissue illnesses, and can often help prevent tooth loss. This means that addressing the problem early on can eliminate the need for future laser dental treatment. Laser dentistry means that our tools are always clean and they minimize pain, or eliminate it entirely. Because these delicate procedures are nearly painless, there is less of a need to use anesthetics (no more going to the office with an embarrassing mouthful of cotton balls). We have no need to use Novocaine or other numbing agents or sedation treatments. At our dental office in Brookline the patient need only relax while we perform the required laser treatment. Our clients have told us often how much more they prefer the high power laser experience to one that heralds back to dental practices a decade ago. Additionally, the sensitivity that often follows a dental surgery is significantly minimized when using laser technology. Many post-op reports have shown that the patient feels next to nothing when they leave the clinic for home. To reach this stage our periodontal dental professionals have undergone years of training to enable them to perform cutting-edge laser dental surgery, but we at Laser Dentistry Boston are particularly proud of our customer service as well. The entire staff is warm and friendly, and eager to help with any dental or health insurance related questions that you may have. Although laser dentistry means less repeat appointments for you, we are always happy to see our clients because we take the time to develop a relationship with you so that your experience is more enjoyable.

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